Ready, Pack, Go: Best Camping Spots Near Brisbane

Tired of the loud noise, the bright lights, and the pollution of the big city? If so, it might be time to get out of Brisbane for a few nights and unwind in nature. Going on a camping trip is a good way to take a break from the fast-pace of the city. It is also the perfect way to get back in touch with nature and just experience the simple things like a quiet night, the soft breeze, the crackling of fire, and the stars on the night sky.

Pack up the roof racks Brisbane stores sell, get the family ready, and go out of town for the weekend. These are the best camping spots near Brisbane where you can enjoy a peaceful night with nature:

1. Bigriggen Park, Scenic Rim

Have a big family or a large group of friends tagging along for the camping trip? Then Bigriggen Park is the best spot for you and everyone else. The park is over 100 acres wide and it is nestled on a hilltop with grassy camping sites right in Australia’s Scenic Rim. There are also beautiful and cooling river flats and an easy access for buses and caravans. Plus, you have the choice between a powered or a non-powered camping experience. This spot is perfect for a wholesome family camping trip.

2. Lamington National Park

In the middle of the misty and winding roads of the dense forest of Gold Coast hinterland, you will find yourself within Lamington National Park. The drive isn’t that easy, but when night falls and the bright stars of night shine over your head, you know it was worth every curve. The park is famous for its ancient trees, the stunning views of the lush forest, and walking tracks that go on for days. This is a camping experience where rain the day before you arrive is a blessing because of the waterfalls and running creeks that form after a shower.

The downside? The roads aren’t suitable for trailers and RV’s. Just pack your tents on top of your vehicle’s roof rack Brisbane stores sell and you’ll be fine.

3. Moreton Island

Technically getting to Moreton Island takes a short 30-minute drive from Brisbane and an hour and a half barge ride, but for a beach camping experience, it is worth it. Expect sand inside your tents and even your sleeping bags, but the majestic sunrise view over the sea will erase the bad memories. Campers can enjoy relaxing on the beach, go on a hike, snorkel, and even try the sand dunes for fun. This campsite which has both non-coastal and coastal spots isn’t short of fun activities.

It’s Time To Enjoy Nature

Take a break from your busy city life and venture out of Brisbane this weekend. Go camping with friends and family and leave the stress of everyday life behind you, at least for a night or two. These are just three of the many camping sites near Brisbane, many of which are worth driving on winding roads to access. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start packing your bags,roof racks Brisbane, and tents and go on camping trip.
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